tour-guide jon-nystedt-bacchus-winery-tours-ashland-applegate-valley-jacksonville-medford-oregonJon Nystedt, Your Tour Guide

My interest in wine began during the middle-late 70’s drought of Northern California. The wines produced were quite memorable. With that as my starting point, I was hooked… In the passing years,  my knowledge grew and I’m happy to share my interest in Southern Oregon’s wine history and grape varietals that are part of this AVA.




bacchus-winery-tours-ashland-oregon-lisaLisa Giles Nystedt

Lisa’s love of wine stems from her Northern Italian heritage. Lisa’s family having immigrated from the Piedmont and Tuscany regions of Italy in the early 1900’s. Wine was always an important part of family gatherings.

Lisa’s earliest memories are of the grapes arriving during harvest season at the home of her great grandparents, with the crusher ready to go! Although there was no stomping of the grapes with bare feet, wine making was a social affair. Family and friends would gather to assist with the endeavor or just to spend time together. Lisa’s great grandfather was passionate about crafting his wines, from selecting grapes, to barrel and bottle aging. One of his favorite sayings was “wine is good for the heart.”


Unique Characteristics of Southern Oregon Wine Region

The Southern Oregon AVA has distinguished itself by the incredibly diverse soil types and micro-climates found.The results being that there is almost no limit to the types of grapes possible, or the wines produced, all with amazing quality. A few surprises for me have been the Tempranillo and Vognior wines. But there are so many more to sample! Wines and wineries both!
We at Bacchus Winery Tours endeavor to give you a memorable tasting experience as part of your visit to Southern Oregon.